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Fatal Gunfight Errors

Are you ready for a gunfight?  As we begin preparing for a gunfight the thing that comes to my mind is a phrase that was drilled into me as a law enforcement officer and that was, You play like you practice.  What does that mean for us as we  prepare […]

Are you ready for a gunfight?

I don’t know about you, but I am a fan of Western movies.  Give me a good spaghetti Western and I am set.  There is something about squaring up to someone at high noon in the middle of a dusty tumbleweed infested street for a showdown that gets your adrenalin […]

What do you do after an accident?

As a private investigator that investigates personal injury claims I get asked on a regular basis, “What do you do after an accident?”  Anyone that has ever been involved in an accident can relate.  Immediately following an accident there is confusion, damage, injuries and trauma.  There will be police officers, […]

Colorado’s PI Licensing Debate

What is Colorado’s Pi licensing debate? Most of us have been the victim of something.  You may have been the victim of violence.  You may have been the victim of a theft.  You may even have been the victim of bullying.  Being victimized is horrible, it gives you a sense […]

Gun Safety Amid Colorado’s New Drug Landscape

Unless you have been living under a rock in you have probably heard that as of January 1, 2014 recreational marijuana became legal in Colorado.  People from all walks of life will be able to legally use marijuana in Colorado.  What does this mean for you, your safety and your […]

School Safety

It is hard to believe that summer is nearly gone and kids are getting ready to go back to school.  Some of our kids may have already started back.  Between the hustle and bustle of shopping for school supplies, registering for classes and choosing the latest fashions for looking cool […]

Summertime Safety

Now that summer is here we are all spending a lot of time outdoors.  Friends and families enjoy barbecues, concerts and baseball games among the various other activities that keep us away from home.  Everyone is out of the house for one reason or another and this makes you and […]

Know your investigator

When you ask the average citizen what they think a private investigator does you will often hear references to Magnum P.I., Simon & Simon, Castle and the new Sherlock Holmes.  While all of those make for entertaining television shows the reality of what happens can be much darker.  Private investigators […]

Who do you trust your safety to?

As a firearms instructor and former police officer I am asked regularly about what the best weapon, or the best fighting technique to keep you safe.  Now more than ever in our recent history people are concerned about their safety and the safety of their families.  Increased reporting to authorities, […]

Shooting Fundamentals – Follow Through

Good shooting starts with good fundamentals.  If any of you have ever thrown a baseball, rolled a bowling ball, or played a game of putt putt golf, then you know how important follow through is.  If you have ever had a guidance counselor, boss or supervisor that has pushed you […]

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